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Overcoming language barriers


‘Overcoming language barriers in museum theatre’

Hosted by a steering committee made up of members from the International Museum Theatre Alliance (Asia Pacific), the International Museum Theatre Alliance (Europe) and Osaka Science Museum Volunteer Group ‘Science de Doya'.

Thursday 23 November 2023

In order to encourage participation from museum theatre practitioners all over the world, the forum will be held online over 24 hours on Thursday 23 November 2023. Each session will be hosted by one or more members of the steering committee. The forum will be recorded and shared publicly in order to generate greater interest in the field of museum theatre. Please let us know in your submission if you do not wish your session to be shared.

While the use of performance in cultural institutions is widespread across many parts of the world, language barriers make it difficult to create work for international or pre-literate audiences. This forum seeks contributors who would like to share their research or performance practice using techniques that are alternative to traditional theatrical spoken dialogue. This may include (but is not limited to):

  • Puppetry
  • Music
  • Object Theatre
  • Visual demonstration
  • Sign language
  • Multilingual performances
  • Mime
  • Digital technologies

Presentation Format
The forum will be held via Zoom. Each presenter will have a 15-minute block of time to showcase their work.

International and Interdisciplinary
The forum steering committee would like to encourage submissions from practitioners all over the world. Those with experience in museum theatre, or those in adjacent fields that could bring valuable expertise to this aspect of performance in cultural institutions.

Please be prepared to include the following information in your proposal.

  • Title of Session:
  • Session proposal (no more than 150 words):

Presenter(s) information

  • Title:
  • Name:
  • Institution or professional affiliation:
  • Professional bio (no more than 150 words)

Contact Information

  • International location of presenter(s). This will be important when allocating presentation slots according to time zones).
  • Email address:
  • Whether you are happy for your session to be shared online: Y/N

Submissions are due by Monday 23 October 2023

Click here to submit a conference proposal.

Please contact Dr. Jo Clyne, President of IMTAL - Asia Pacific if you have any questions about the forum.

Best wishes, the steering committee:

  • Dr Akiko Yoshioka (Science de Doya) Japan
  • Patrick Helean (Questacon) Australia
  • Angela Pfenniger (International Museum Theatre Alliance, Europe) Germany
  • Dr Jo Clyne (International Museum Theatre Alliance, Asia Pacific) Australia